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Be Back in Five Solo Exhibition @ Savannah College of Art and Design

Trios Gallery, Atlanta Jan. 17 – April 4, 2014
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Exhibition Walk-Through:

 No Cows in The Junger, 2015

Single Channel Video, Flat Screen Monitor, Plexiglas, Sand, Adhesive Pigment Print, 58″ x 37″

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Team Spaceship, 2015

8min. Dual Channel Video Installation, Adhesive Pigment Print, Plexiglas, Modified Flatscreen T.V. Video Projection, 169″ x 104″

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Works 2014
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Strange Days (Here Nor There Now Nor Never) 2014/05/12

This video is a screen-capture documentation of choreographed YouTube videos performed on a computer. Utilizing found Internet content as a form of virtual readymades, a composition notating when to activate certain urls along a timeline was developed.  This notation considers the specific segment, volume and screen placement of the sourced videos. The resulting work emphasizes the linear and lateral combinations of sourced footage as they unfold together within the new composition.

Strange Days (Here Nor There Now Nor Never) 2014/05/12 is a work exploring digital social medias effect on our sense of time, space and memory. Here, momentary perceptions are experienced and dispersed seemingly simultaneously, where life through the screen interface unlocks boundaries of the physical and the time based. Memories are unhinged, taking form in artifacts that can be communally experienced and manipulated in synthetic continuum.

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His / Hers, 2015


Double Bind Palindrome, 2014

A palindrome script performed forwards and backwards simultaneously in two videos  that synchronize in the middle.

04:42 running time
A nod to Marisa Olson’s work “Double Bind”:

Palindrome Script

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The Physical Impossibility of Vacation in the Mind of Someone, 2014

Video for Projection Installation

A fictional Gchat over appropriated You Tube videos of digital exotic environments created for relaxation
(Switch video to HD to view text)

URL Collage, 2014

Collages of Browser Windows Comprised of Specific URL’s and then Screen Captured
Date and Corresponding URL’s included in Pigment Print

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1982-04-13 – 2059-05-15

Using Data from the US Census Bureau, my life expectancy is calculated to date on a reversing loading bar displayed online until fully diminished.


Happening Done Happened, 2013

A multimedia installation on view at Radiator Gallery, NYC , May / June 2013. The installation consists of two projected video collages that correspond with patterned wall prints designed to be activated by the projection. (installation view)

Install new

Artist in Bathroom Residency, 2009/2010

A Month-Long “Live” Performance Installation
Spectators are presented with the illusion that the artist has confined himself inside the gallery’s bathroom with a months rationing of food and water. Viewers can watch him via a “live” video and audio feed routed from the bathroom into the gallery space. In an array of emotionally charged performances the solitary artist critiques the art world in a fanatical and existential whirlwind of crazed romanticism, tragedy and humor.

The Installation / Performance was originally exhibited at the “Invisible Dog” exhibition, in 2009, curated by Manon Slome, and Asher Remy Toledo of No Longer Empty. The second rendition of the piece was exhibited at the “Younger Than Moses Exhibition” in 2010 at Benrimon Contemporary, curated by Simmy Swinder and Tali Wertheimer.

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Performance Highlights Video


Synchronized Light and Sound Performance hosted by Gawker Artists and commissioned by SmartWater
July 27, 2010 the roofgarden of the Gawker Media NYC headquarters

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Smartwater Purora from Gawker Media on Vimeo.