Artist in Bathroom Residency 2009-10

A Month-Long “Live” Performance Installation
Spectators are presented with the illusion that the artist has confined himself inside the gallery’s bathroom with a months rationing of food and water. Viewers can watch him via a “live” video and audio feed routed from the bathroom into the gallery space. In an array of emotionally charged performances the solitary artist critiques the art world in a fanatical and existential whirlwind of crazed romanticism, tragedy and humor.

The Installation / Performance was originally exhibited at the “Invisible Dog” exhibition, in 2009, curated by Manon Slome, and Asher Remy Toledo of No Longer Empty. The second rendition of the piece was exhibited at the “Younger Than Moses Exhibition” in 2010 at Benrimon Contemporary, curated by Simmy Swinder and Tali Wertheimer.
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Performance Highlights Video