Bling Box Orchestra, Tower Records 2010

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Bling Box Orchestra
A Hip Hop Retrospective
Installed at the “Never Can Say Good Bye” Exhibition in the former Tower Records mega store NYC
Curated by No Longer Empty: Manon Slome & Asher Remy Toledo

Medium: Mixed Media Installation, retro boom boxes, lights, sound, computer. 2010
With the Assistance of DJ Select Inverse / Justin Ferranti

Eight customized retro boom boxes play in synchronization, an amalgam of historically prominent Hip Hop songs. Club lights chase the sound as it bounces between boom boxes creating a 3-D environment of sound and light.

The sound composition is a survey of the genre’s nearly forty-year history, examining the many off shoots and sub-genres spawned over the years. Exploring the sample / appropriation phenomenon first advocated by Hip Hop, throughout the piece bits of songs are paired with the original source songs they sample. The sound is separated and conducted through eight boom boxes; much like an orchestra, each individually producing a unique element for the composition yet completely in synch in tempo and key.

This orchestral survey comes to life through an array of colorful boom boxes; each adorned with customized paint, sticker and collage designs. Taking on an iconic precedence, theses symbols of Hip Hop become conduits creating an omni-sensorial environment celebrating a movement so veritably formidable to the contemporary world of music.
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